Workforce Planning Tools

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Workforce Planning Tools

A variety of resources are available to assist organizations with the workforce planning process. If your workforce is made up of more than 50 people, and especially if your projects and teams are geographically distributed, your organization will benefit from an automated system connected to your employee data. Software programs help you prepare for change by quickly assessing the current state of your workforce and exploring all possible scenarios for building your best workforce. The best programs allow you to:

  • Analyze trends (such as an aging workforce or a rise in outsourcing)
  • Overcome workforce challenges
  • Evaluate all possible scenarios (including the future state of your workforce if you make no changes)
  • Understand your workforce
  • Prepare for your future
  • Determine the best plan to meet your goals

But not all workforce planning tools are created equal. Make sure the workforce planning tool you select offers the following features:

  • Flexibility to easily create new views of the data
  • Automatic data updates
  • Intuitive, drag and drop modeling capabilities
  • Easily integrates charts with Microsoft Office
  • Publishes charts to PDF, Web, or PowerPoint

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