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The Tenure Metric depicts how long an employee has been employed by the organization, either by time at a particular position, or by aggregate length of time spent with the company. This metric, in combination with Performance Metrics, is important in assessing employee performance with respect to his/her coworkers, especially when it comes to eligibility for benefits.

Tenure can be measured either per individual or on an average tenure basis.

  • Individual Tenure: The majority of companies report individual tenure as the amount of time an employee has spent with the company, in addition to the length this individual was at each position in the company. Separating this time into segments allows management to better quantify the data, allowing use for promotions, retirement plans, tuition reimbursement, etc.
  • Average Tenure by Job Type: It is also fairly standard for companies to quantify tenure by job type. This makes managers aware to extreme conditions at different functions within an organization.

For every individual employee box in an organizational chart, HR professionals opt to include the start date, the positions this employee has worked, and duration at each position. A single division, employee or department can be highlighted, for quick access to this data.

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