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A re-organization is essentially a corporate restructuring. Driven by complex business goals and aggressive timelines, reorganizations are increasingly common as companies streamline and/or optimize their structure.

Re-organizations are assumed to be disruptive for employees, but can be equally difficult for managers involved. Publishing and sharing org charts simplifies the planning process by building a baseline view of the organization, creating options, illustrating the implications of moves before they are implemented, and finally, settling on a new structure.

Some org chart software programs also address the challenges of collaborating and making decisions in the rapidly changing environment surrounding reorgs. Web-based systems accessible to all employees across geographies give every person on the reorg team immediate access to current information to help make informed, fact-based decisions. These systems also make it easier to share ideas, gain approvals and communicate results. Reorganizations can be performed quickly, more cost effectively, and with less risk of losing key employees.

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