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The intent of is to provide free information about the purpose and solution areas of organization charts. From the history of organizational charting to how it assists during corporate mergers or acquisitions, has pertinent and relevant information for everyone.

Organizational charts are vital in any sized organization. This site helps to emphasize that organizational charts have various capabilities and functions apart from the basic idea of providing a visual snapshot of the organization. Explore the site to discover how you can use an organizational chart during any workforce situation.

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Easily navigate the site using links embedded in each article, or use the left or bottom navigation panels of your screen. Many of the articles are cross referenced to direct the user to more in-depth information. There is also the option to select a Random page. By doing so, you will be directed to a randomly selected page on to further your research.

Making the best use of

Many visitors come to this site because they inquire to know more about all aspects of organizational charts. Use as your first resource to learn more about organizational charts. Eventually, you may want to start a free trial of or purchase organizational charting software. can link you to an organizational charting software retailer.

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Feedback about content should first be posted on the discussion pages of those articles. If you have additional questions or comments about please sent them to:

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