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M&A Stage 1: Pre-Deal Stage

Prior to a merger or acquisition, the clear organizational hierarchy displayed by an org chart is useful in planning for workforce changes. Company leaders can easily view the hierarchy of each company and the reporting relationships in a visual representation of the business. Charting solutions offer the following Pre-Merger features:

  • Quickly identify key personnel
  • Generate headcounts for each department
  • Calculate and anticipate workforce costs
  • Assist business leaders in identifying areas where personnel and skills are needed
  • Useful when determining risk management practices

M&A Stage 2: Integration Planning Stage

In the actual integration planning stage of a merger or acquisition, business leaders can use corporate charts to define the optimal structure for the company. With easy drag and drop features, charts provide the easiest way to experiment with different company structures and layouts. This allows upper management to select the most advantageous structure for the company, including the best number of employees, span of control, corresponding budgets, etc. Company charts allow the business leaders to:

  • Make appropriate hierarchies using the new and existing personnel
  • Conduct "what if" analysis that facilitates planning for costs
  • Outline areas for employee reductions
  • Make pay scale adjustments
  • Allocate resources throughout the company
  • Foresee personnel promotions
  • Color code structure to indicate employee roles and highlight positions

M&A Stage 3: Integration Implementation and Communication Stage

In this stage, the optimal company chart has been created. It can be a centralized or department-specific chart. It can be viewed by each employee, with the editing option only given to the top management personnel. Managers can decide what data is viewable to the employees.

  • Provides business leaders with yet another easy way to present and share their plan with a large number of people
  • Illustrates management's subordinates and the chain of command
  • Offers a visual history of the organization
  • Charts can be updated or adjusted as necessary at every stage of the M&A

M&A Stage 4: Post-Merger Workforce Management and Optimization Stage

As the M&A reaches completion, companies can use the organizational charts to keep track of and accomplish the goals or objectives for the entire company.

Upper management can visualize who will be in charge of specific tasks and those who will be subordinates. Allotting employee responsibility is easy with the implementation of corporate charts. Employees and management can benefit in the following ways:

  • Stay familiar with everyone in the company, without having to ask "what is her name?" or "who does he work for?"
  • Know who to report to and those within each department
  • Quickly access the whole company projection
  • Make decisions quickly and logically
  • Keep track of employee performance, success or talent data using the employee profile
  • Perform "what if" analysis to make budget or structural decisions
  • Use it as a succession planning tool

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