How to Implement Org Charts

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Implementation Process

Human Resources or IT can create charts automatically from existing HR databases using org charting software. They can decide what information they would like present on the org chart such as salary, gender, tenure, education, phone numbers and other information needed for decision-making purposes. With org charting software you can show or hide sensitive information for different levels of management.

Once the chart is created, the company can highlight human resources available or open positions; communicate the corporate structure through an expandable chart; establish how the enterprise is structured to meet goals; and provide the basis for planning purposes.

Very few organizations are static. Using org charting software to create and publish charts is the best way for management and executives to constantly and accurately access the organization as it is currently structured and respond to changing conditions and opportunities.

The chart can provide a planning and feedback system for managers. Managers can select the charts specific to their department and use them as a baseline for planning, budgets and for creating "what if" scenarios. They can present their plans to executives or finance by securely sending the chart as a PDF, power point presentation, or simply saving it as a draft on the org charting software for executives to view from their own desk or even from home.

The chart can provide tools and data needed for budget planning and act as a vehicle to driving information to employees and executives. Employees can easily view and understand the organizational structure. It can facilitate their role in achieving organizational objectives.

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