Ethnic Diversity Ratio

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Ethnic Diversity Ratio provides information about an organization's ethnic composition. Ethnic Diversity is commonly calculated at an aggregate level (White vs. Minority) or a detail level (% White, % Asian, % Hispanic) for each department, division and location of an organization.

Ethnic Diversity calculations are used to regulate hiring practices, and are critical in validating that hiring, compensation and promotions are blind with respect to ethnicity. Some jurisdictions in the United States and many foreign countries require a minimum representation for certain minorities. Having the ability to calculate the diversity within an organization is extremely important. A balanced workforce makes a company more appealing to prospective employees and less of a target for costly lawsuits.

With advanced organizational charting software, not only can demographic data such as race or ethnicity be added to an org chart, but pictures can be added to individual employee profiles for a simple, visual representation of ethnic diversity. Published reports can be generated directly from the org chart to show specific numbers and percentages of each ethnicity. Representing these figures easily through an org chart can save HR or executives precious time in workforce planning.

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