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Whether you're a small business or a multinational corporation with offices and employees around the globe, workforce management involves strategic company decisions. To assure they are wise, informed, and timely, HR executives and general management need to have accurate, up-to-date information on key workforce metrics. There’s no better way to obtain them—and no format that's clearer or more compelling—than today’s insight-rich org charts.

Organizational charts are especially beneficial to support the planning and performance of critical events such as mergers and acquisitions, workforce reductions, and reorganizations. Careful preparation and tracking of results can yield significant savings in terms of opportunity costs and operational overhead.

Use organizational charts to:

Proactively monitor key workforce performance indicators. Org charts let you do this both by department and across the enterprise as a whole, all in real time. Today’s org charts are linked with HR data sources and packed with rich underlying information—simply drill into each organizational chart to reveal the level of detail you want to review. These powerful org charts capabilities provide a quick, accurate snapshot of current conditions such as spending levels, headcount by department and business unit, and much more.

Quickly model and compare scenarios for workforce change. Truly capable org chart software is equipped with advanced features and tools that make what-if options easy to create. These can be analyzed and contrasted with current company structure and alternative scenarios, and then shared with stakeholders.

Using point-and-click org chart tools, these assessments and comparisons can be performed in real time, and collaboratively during meetings. As individuals and teams are moved in and out of structures and departments, the organizational charts instantly show the impact on underlying data such as department financials, headcount, and other key metrics.

Sophisticated, easy to use, and affordable org chart software packages are readily available for companies of all sizes.

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