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Visual Corporate Directory Blog
Visual Corporate Directory Blog

Corporate directories are essential information resources in nearly every organization. When people think 'directories', they often think of long lists of names, phone numbers, e- mail addresses. With large organizations, geographically distributed employees, frequent reorganizations and ever changing ad hoc teams, directories are the one place employees can go to find where a person is at any given time. The directory usually just lists name, phone number, e-mail and other basic information. However, far more information often exists in the same systems that feed the directory. This information could include skill sets, languages, tenure, roles, responsibilities and more. Marrying the directory concept with an organizational chart means that you can easily find people and also understand what they do, who they work with, how they fit in the org structure and more. Org Charts as Directories.

In addition to showing the organizational hierarchy, org charts can be very effective as corporate directories. They can add a valuable components to the traditional list-type of directory. First, employee pictures can go a long way toward creating a working relationship between geographically distant employees. A picture is worth a thousand words, and if employees can see each other's pictures, it helps to establish the working relationship. Additionally, the org chart can contain personal profile information, skills, language preferences, certifications and more. Acting as a directory, the org chart can be searched to find people who fit certain criteria.

Companies or organizations that are highly project focused, like consulting companies, can use the org chart to quickly find people to staff upcoming projects, based on geography, skill sets or other characteristics.

An org chart in electronic format, delivered over a corporate intranet or via a website makes this visual corporate directory possible. With org chart software, users can search by name, title, e-mail address, skill set and more - and find just the person or people they need. Because an org chart is visual, and often includes pictures and employee profiles, it provides far more information than a traditional directory.

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