Benefits of Workforce Planning

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Benefits of Workforce Planning

Forward-thinking organizations recognize that aligning strategic business objectives with workforce growth and development plans can drive competitive advantage. The planning process includes identifying competencies and skills required at all levels and in each job function- today and in the future. It also involves considering various scenarios for developing the optimal workforce of the future.

Define Competency Needs

  • Create a strategy for your workforce that identifies key jobs, competencies, and profiles essential to accomplishing your strategic business objectives.

Assess Existing Competencies

  • Compile workforce-related data into one place to provide a snapshot of your organization's resources.
  • Slice and view the data for jobs, competencies, and profiles across multiple dimensions to assess existing competencies and model future workforce scenarios.

Match Employees with Organizational Needs

  • Evaluate your current workforce’s ability to meet the needs of the organization.
  • Assess and mitigate any gaps between your current workforce's competencies and the requirements of various strategies you may be evaluating.

Reduce Costs

  • By aligning your workforce development plans with business objectives, you can reduce hiring time and expense, lower training costs, and increase productivity across the organization.

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