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Source URL Description
Mergers Unleashed http://www.mergersunleashed.com/ Mergers Unleashed is a top source for M&A news and analysis. The site offers daily coverage of new or pending deals, in addition to current trends, strategies and access to key players in finance, so you know who to contact. Subscribe to the newsfeed to stay current and knowledgeable about emerging M&A's.
Mergers and Acquisitions http://www.magazines.com/product/mergers-acquisitions?afd_number=3823&gclid=CNG-87Hp2psCFSMSagod8wWt_Q Mergers and Acquisitions is the premier monthly subscription magazine that offers news, perceptive insight and analysis of the middle market. It is the official publication of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) that provides information on the M&A forefront and, commentary on private equity.
Wikipedia Information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mergers_and_acquisitions Gain a better understanding of the true meaning of mergers and acquisitions on wikipedia. It outlines the basic description, steps, examples of successful or failed M&As and more.
"World News Report: An EIN News Service for Global Professionals" http://www.einnews.com/unitedstates/newsfeed-united-states-mergers-acquisitions This site provides the latest news and information on Mergers and Acquisitions taking place in the United States and throughout the world. It started providing news in 1995, and has grown to become the largest digital news provider in Europe, helping business professionals gain access to relevant news products.
Inform http://www.inform.com/Mergers+and+Acquisitions Inform's proprietary technology provides related content for a wide range of online media companies such as newspapers, magazines, portals, and more online media. It gets news from worldwide publishers like CNN, and The New York Times. It publishes the latest news on M&A's.
Investopedia http://www.investopedia.com/university/mergers/ Investopedia, a Forbes Digital company, offers general information and tutorials about mergers and acquisitions. Go through the M&A tutorial to examine the forces that drive companies to explore M&A's to the forces that cause them to fail.
Yahoo! Finance http://biz.yahoo.com/topic/m-a/ Trust Yahoo! Finance for always up-to-date news and opinions regarding Mergers and Acquisitions. Also have direct access to vital information about the participating companies, such as industry, stock price, company size, location, etc.
The Deal http://www.thedeal.com/ Since 1999, The Deal LLC has covered global dealmaking through events, web and print media. It offers ideas and insight to financial advisors, executive decision makers, dealmakers, investors and other business professionals. Just search Mergers and Acquisition and you'll be presented with editorials and features of global and national examples of M&As.
DealBook, The New York Times http://dealbook.blogs.nytimes.com/ Discover news stories and popular business topics from New York Times editor Andrew Ross Sorkin. Check out features pertaining to M&As, Investment Banking, IPO/Offerings, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital and Legal issues.
Chicago Tribune http://www.chicagotribune.com/topic/economy-business-finance/company-information/mergers-acquisitions-takeovers/04016005.topic Like other local or national publications, the Chicago Tribune provides current news stories focused on M&A and takeover activity and key players involved. It features articles from daily columnists, Associated Press members and other national news providers.

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